What/Who is HelpHeal Trust?

Help Heal Trust

HHT is a space of Trust (kama uyanga/thuolo). A space to innovate, acquire inspiration, dream, dream with confidence and Strategize for your goals.

Our Vision

Thriving Communities.

How do we help?

We do not provide help! We support /facilitate/mentor/coach/ incubate individuals and organizations towards achieving their imaginations, aspirations and agenda. We co-create for enduring positive impact.

How do we achieve this?

We support you to align your thoughts, words and actions to your goals!

  • For individuals – We support you to identify your focus, create clarity, set goals and strategize for achieving that which you want.
  • For organizations/CSOs- We support capacity assessments, learning needs, institutional strength, programming/project design & implementation support, outcome/impact documentation, strategic communication, resource mobilization, staff reflection sessions, strategic planning, business planning and sustainability thinking.
  • For Communities- Facilitate advocacy initiatives, identification of local opportunities for growth, concretizing action plans, facilitating local solutions using local knowledge and resources, facilitating sustainable inter and intra linkages/partnerships.
  • For schools– Facilitate Learner readiness programs, Deliver Science camps, Maths exploration sessions with teachers.

What are our areas of focus?

Our focus is you!! We focus on anything and everything that bring to you the tools, the means and the wherewithal you desire for positive impact. HelpHeal offers opportunities for you to know experimentally that which you already know conceptually. HelpHeal Trust provides a space for putting your learning into practice and moving to the next level of ‘knowingness’