Who is in Our Team

We are bunch of units of innovators, artists, inspirators, nurturers, teachers, incubators who are fervent about positive impact.

George Onyango- Partnerships/ People & Culture.

George Onyango is a highly acclaimed proactive community development practitioner who has worked with both individuals and leading-edge programs. He has experience in and a history of introduction of innovative and high impact approaches in Micro-financing, Institutional strengthening, Strategic management, Project management, Resource mobilization, Peace-building, Youth transformation and Training design and delivery. George has led the re-engineering and steered re-organization of organizations, projects, businesses and programs making their set-up embrace stakeholder participation.

He has worked with Kisumu Archdiocese’s CARITAS, CCFMC, Nyanza Youth Coalition, and HelpHeal Trust. George has engaged as a consultant at Kenya Kountry Business Incubator (KeKoBI), leading a team of business mentors; at Developmentshift Consulting doing strategy development for organizations, training and mentorship, promoting public private partnerships, value chain development and providing leadership to a multi-discipline and multi-cultural team. He has authored and co-authored books contributing to body of knowledge in development and education sectors.

George delivers:

Governance: George helps organizations ask and answer critical questions about how to deliver on their missions more effectively. George is a skilled facilitator and governance specialist who helps clients navigate strategy and planning, partnerships, and board/leadership development.

George has excelled in helping boards develop the tools, habits, and skills to fulfil their obligations so their organizations can increase their mission impact. He has designed and delivered a boards development programs, assisting organisations to review board formation, achieve board member education and improve board operations.

Strategic Thinking: George supports organizations in becoming more intentional, strategic, and informed to increase their impact. He helps clients through strategy development, planning, and strategic restructuring organisations.

He is most moved by the work of non-profits working in health, public health, social services, and social justice, but values the variety of clients he gets the opportunity to work with and the breadth of perspective that affords. In all engagements, George seeks to build organizations’ capacity to question old ways of doing things, to think strategically, and to act nimbly.

Otieno P. Odongo– Inspirations & Innovation.

Otieno P. Odongo is a 41year old accomplished Educationist, Author and Mentorship Trainer with 14years experience in delivering high impact solutions for individuals, communities and organizations. Mr. Odongo has experience in Participatory Action Research, Training Manuals Development, Curriculum Development, Gender and Rights Research, Monitoring and Evaluation for both non-profit and for-profit making entities, Mentorship training, Community based advocacy and Resource Mobilization.

Mr. Odongo is an ardent believer in exploratory education, catalyzing positive change in individuals and communities and has an uncanny gift of bringing out the brilliance that individuals, communities and organizations are abundantly endowed with.  To share his learnings with the world, Mr. Odongo has published books and research papers. His book titles include:

  1. Nurturing Brilliance, how to help your child excel in school and succeed in life (ISBN: 9966-05-320-4)
  2. The Essentials of Success, a guide book to help you think creatively and remember more. (ISBN: 978-9966-21-072-2)
  3. The Comprehensive Study Timetable, a timetabling guide for students. (ISBN: 978-9966-21-071-5)
  4. The Pain of a broken Heart (a novel) (ISBN: 978-9966-21-073-9),
  5. Indelible Impressions, experiences of children of yesterday, lessons for parents of today (ISBN:978-9966-093-27-1) and
  6. How your Thoughts, Words and Actions create your grades, towards helping students take responsibility for their grade


Odongo delivers:

Vibrational Alignment: Peter is dedicated to helping clients attune to the world around them, so they can respond quickly to new opportunities to advance their mission.