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HelpHeal Trust, having received support from a private donor based in the Netherlands, (Wuoyi Mathuon-Leo Hoonakker) and a bank loan start-up capital started a Primary school at Dol Kodera, near Oyugis town in Kenya in 2016. The School is admitted the first batch of learners in January 2016. The name Harrobs is inspired in honour of a lasting heartful friendship between HelpHeal Trust and two lecturers from The Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Rob Willems and Harro Leupen. We are proud of the little big steps made. Three years counting, the school is home to 85 bubbly, cute, inspiring little angels occupying from the play class [day care], pre-primary grades 1 & 2 and Primary grades 1,2,3 and 4. The future can only be better!

Harrobs Enablers!

Kiwanis: Kiwanis club in the Netherlands donated that has helped Harrobs put up a kitchen, repair of its toilets making students presence comfortable in school.

Canon Europe: Canon Europe and its staff donated to Harrobs a laptop and a Beamer that supports teaching at the school. 

Der-Kern school: The huge efforts of Erica and her little angels including teachers and that school community have made a huge impact at Harrobs, we have talking walls painted, clean drinking water containers etc all courtesy of Der-Kern’s numerous contributions.

Kisemu Maths Centre

Where maths flows while creating tomorrow’s mathematicians.  

Kisumu Maths Centre is run by Education Innovators- a company that is at the leading edge of inventiveness in making learning any subject easy and conceptually meaningful for learners.

​KMCe promotes the fondness for mathematics and sciences by assisting enthusiasts break down the seemly complex, extinguish fear and build confidence levels and impart easy to use approaches and models. ​Target groups are students at all levels including university. We also provide continuous education for Maths teachers.

​We run science camps – where science concepts/topic are unpacked using digital content offering students opportunities for fun learning.

Kibos School for the visually impaired

HHT in collaboration with Rob Willems and Harro Leupen supported by Thuon Leo Hoonakker as well as the Hanze University of Applied Sciences provided play equipment allow children enjoy play as part of learning at Kibos school. The school has a website developed by students at Hanze Hogschool and also runs a kiosk sponsored by Thuon Leo Hoonakker.

Work in progress.

Technological solution for challenges in delivering health services

St Monica Hospital /Port Florence Community Hospital: HHT in collaboration with New Nexus has recently concluded a study on health seeking patterns in Kisumu and challenges that are faced by health providers as well as seekers of health services.

The collaboration is pointing to development of a technological solution for supporting community health volunteers’ work aimed at improving treatment adherence and tracking of clients in rural hard to reach areas.