What Innovations do we have?

1. Nurturing Brilliance Book

A guidebook getting parents to a conversation on how to help your child excel in school and succeed in life.

2. Essentials of Success Book

A guidebook that helps students at all levels to learn more and remember more.

3. Indelible impressions Book

Parents of today recall their childhood experiences and tell how those happenings have affected their lives today. They are stories that touch the heart and change the lenses through which you view the way you relate with your children especially in their school life.

4. How your words, thoughts and actions create your grades book

This work opens your eyes on how to align yourself to the grades that you would like to achieve in school.

5. Why We didn’t hire you -book

Job hunting is difficult and easy at the same time. Depends on how you go out there. This work shows just that.

6. Cycle of Brainstorm – tool

Assists with organizing several minds into critical thinking mode to crack difficult matters, co-creation, ideation and has led to ground-breaking projects.

7. Memory tanks & Taps – tool

We can think, listen and absorb conversations or even reading material. But it becomes challenging to call forth that material when it is needed for example in exams. This tool opens up you understanding on how to keep your memory awake at all times.

8. Edutainment through Music – songs

We pass life lessons through songs. We have released an album with 4 tracks.

9. Mathematics/Science cracking models – tool-

10. Science camps- training

We offer on-site digital content delivery in animations and voice. This material is complimentary to the teachers’ effort. It makes science learning fun and practical.

11. Harrobs early schools

School- this our flagship social footprint project aimed at bringing quality education opportunities in rural areas where private run-learning institutions are still not available.

12. Internships/Apprenticeship/Job Readiness Program

Training program-We offer opportunities to students from all grades a chance to experience work place environment and prepare them to the market.

Serious games

For fun and learning (Malaria, HIV, Hygiene and SRH).

14. Essentials for Organisational Transformation

A guide to Institutional Strengthening with Vibrational Alignment.


What are Our Delivery Methodologies?

  • > We use exploratory learning approaches
  • > We use picturesque reflection approach
  • > We use variety of innovative tools- see innovations
  • > Experiential knowing
  • > We use what works for you- we do not know this until we meet/engage with you