Consultancy Services

Our consulting division provides services in research, organizational capacity development and strengthening. We conduct social, environmental, education, health, political, public, and economic and policy research and assessments through innovation, partnership and capacity building, with the aim of promoting evidence-based decision-making processes and organisation development.

Through our independent research and analysis, we provide practical solutions to challenges across the full range of community developmental issues, training and technical support as well as monitoring and evaluation solutions.  Our work is value-based, and ambitious, but also realistic, rigorous and evidence based, making use of a wide range of research and knowledge capture methods.

A broad, in-depth base of expertise and knowledge allows HHT to develop innovative solutions to complex technical problems.

Our major strength lies in combining our collective local, regional and international knowledge and experience with the technical expertise of our associates. We have highly qualified and experienced technical specialists with proven track records in the disciplines of Community Mobilization and organization, Participatory Processes, Policy Analysis, Environmental sciences, Public Health and Social Sciences, Organizational Development/Institutional strengthening, Human Resources Management, Communications and Advocacy Research and Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation. This unique balance of skills, experience and proven track record provides best value to our clients.



HHT has a cumulative experience and capabilities across development and private sector engagements. We have developed tools and approaches that make the things that seem complex easy to follow and adapt. Consulting, Institutional strengthening, Strategic management are some of the services offered on our menu for clients and engage our partners on.

Strategy Work:

We help organizations ask and answer critical questions about how to deliver on their missions more effectively. We support short and long-term planning to assist organisations drive towards a known place through a clear roadmap.

Institutional Strengthening:

Organisations wish to achieve their vision and mission by creating impact. Delivering your mandate can be an uphill task when you do not have the framework, the infrastructure and the alignment necessary for such daunting role. We support organisations realise their goals through strengthening their governance and leadership, technical capacity and accountability mechanisms.

Program and Project Design:

Well designed, well thought out projects have more likelihood to succeed and create impact. We support organisations think through alongside their primary constituents, what they would like to address, why they must address it, how they will address it and processes of ensuring success is achieved.

Proposal development:

Funding for both business and social empowerment has become a challenge in the recent past. Organisations are required by would be partners to articulate with clarity, the what, the how and demonstrate value for money in their proposals. This is a constant challenge especially that charities have to content with each waking day. We work with clients to approach this in a manner that raises the likelihood of funding as well in a way that empowers the internal staff to undertake similar tasks with much ease. Our innovation [Brainstorm cycle] has assisted create clarity and eased proposal writing in various organisations.

Program and Project Implementation support:

We provide mentorship and accompaniment for implementation of large programs and projects. We acknowledge that assurance of quality, planning and executing sometimes present challenges to already oftentimes over-stretched staff. We offer a hand to ensure project paths are maintained and that quality is maintained as learnings are harvested for future programming.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

HHT conducts evaluations on a range of themed projects. We support organisations document, harness lessons and utilises evidence backed information for decision making. We take up assignments including baseline studies, formative evaluations, mid-term and end-term evaluations, impact evaluations.

Training-Workshop facilitation/moderation:

We have highly skilled individuals in organising and implementing trainings, facilitating and rapporteur work. This service has been helpful for organisations who then are able to concentrate their staff time on more strategic roles in such assignments while our team ensures delivery of material of the workshop/seminar is taken care of.

Editing, proof reading work:

Creative writing is one of our strengths. We offer editing, proof reading services to organisations who wish to produce high quality work. Our previous work has ranged from books, magazines, e-newsletters, training manuals, strategic plans, proposals, among many.


What are Our Delivery Methodologies?

  • > We use exploratory learning approaches
  • > We use picturesque reflection approach
  • > We use variety of innovative tools- see innovations
  • > Experiential knowing
  • > We use what works for you- we do not know this until we meet/engage with you