New Item Harrobs -May 2019

Harrobs school resumed classes after the Easter holidays. The students have thrilling stories about how they spent their Easter. Some went visiting relatives in far places bringing ‘’new stories’’ to their peers. Some were at their homes playing and helping with small household chores but playing most of the time. The giggles that are in classes when the teacher is out makes teachers’ face brighten when they return to these classes.

Teacher Loice just learnt a new song that one of the students brought with her from a far trip in a land that speaks similar language but the intonation of words differ. This song is nice but ‘funny’ to the students for the words seem foreign yet it’s exactly the same with what they speak.



Harrobs welcomed a new family member, Teacher Violet in the month of March 2019. She has brought new vigour and added to the flavor of what has become Harrobs pride in the local community-boldness and innovation. She spends time with students in the lower primary section.The parents met at the end of the term, as schools closed. The parents reiterated their appreciation of the determination of the teachers to be able to post good results, encourage discipline and promote talent among the students. The parents continue to support Harrobs!

Harrobs teachers, committed as always, have all resumed from the holidays. Plans for this term include acquisition of more furniture especially chairs and tables for the students, reading materials for both teachers and students and  computer lessons for teachers, which will be done in collaboration with a local computer training service provider.

Though the journey has been kind of tough, our resilience and hope for a better future keeps us going, one step at a time.

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