Harrrobs School Graduation

On 24th October, 2018 Harrrobs school graduated 16 students who will be joining primary grade one class next year. Our graduation ceremony was graced by the District Education Officer in Homa-Bay County. The community support is encouraging both to the parents and teachers as well. Parents offered gifts to the graduating class and two people with grandchildren at Harrobs have offered to buy books and school uniforms for three best students.

In keeping with our democratic ideals, our schools adopted a practice of competitive election of student leaders. Harrobs is not left out in this and our elections took place within the term (July). The teachers observed a smooth election process where students whose leadership excited their peers were chosen to steer their various classes.

Harrobs has had primary grade3 as the topmost class. In the year 2019, Harrobs will be introducing a new class [primary grade4] to take up new students and also absorb the students progressing from PP3.

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